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This booklet is written as a guide to help you understand & choose all aspects of your bathroom. Its purpose is to give you a general grounding in all the aspects of pottery, baths, taps, shower, whirlpools, air spas & shower cubicles.A lot of what in illustrated here relates to the general principles of how products are made, purchased and used. This booklet makes no attempt to sell you one particular idea of manufacturer



The difficulty when buying pottery is how do you know which is good and which is not so good? All the companies say they are the best! Like anything you buy the quality is down to how long you want to use it for, how many times you use it, what you want to pay for it, and how you want it to look.



The glaze is the glass like surface coating which is fired onto the pottery in the kiln when it is made. The glass enables the pot to be waterproof and protects it. The thicker the glaze the longer the life of the pottery will be. Once the glaze goes, wares out, the pot becomes porous, absorbs water and will eventually crack. The more you use the pottery, the more you clean the pottery the faster the glaze wares out. To make the glaze thicker you have to apply it a layer at a time and each time fire it in the kiln. This process results in breakages within the kiln due in part to air pockets in the clay which when re-heated, expand and cause breakage. Therefore, the thicker the glaze the longer it lasts



The quality of the clay that is used to make the pottery is very important. The reason for this is that the finer the clay the smoother the finish will be on the item being made. So if you use a poorer grade of clay it will have more grit in it and the surface will have a more rippled appearance. The finer the clay the more tonnage of rough clay you have to use to refine down to make it, it therefore making it more expensive to produce.



The more intricate the design the more expensive the mould is to make and the more chance there is that you will not always remove it from the mould without damage. Usually the plainer the shape the less expensive it is.




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